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A brand new experience for every guest to discover is what you will find when you host your private party at Merkaba. San Antonio’s top artisanal cocktail lounge and nightclub is where you will find the city’s biggest parties and events, complete with stimulating spaces to celebrate in, exceptional drinks available all night and the city’s best live music acts and DJs setting the mood all night. For private parties of all occasions, Merkaba is ready to unlock your night.

Address: 111 W. Crockett St. #205 San Antonio, TX 78205
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An experience unlike any other is waiting for your guests to discover at your private party. Merkaba’s spaces are inspired by San Antonio’s rich history, including our two light-adorned patio spaces on the Riverwalk, dual dance floors that meet at the Inverted Temple Bar, and the Grotto and Witch Doctor lounges — the perfect location for every guest at your private party to chill while taking in all of Merkaba’s distinct atmosphere.

The biggest private parties in San Antonio come complete with a splash, so you can believe that Merkaba’s bar is always making waves. Honey, allspice, passionfruit and other regional flavors and essences are masterfully mixed with rare liquors and spirits to create exceptional cocktails like the Rainbow Road, Flavor of Life Margarita and Temple’d Fashioned — all best served in one of our 60 oz. hand-blown glasses. Merkaba also keeps a variety of red, white and bubbly wines on hand to satisfy every craving.

Private parties at Merkaba do not stop until they reach their peak and every guest is on the dance floor. An exceptional series of live music acts and guest and resident DJs keep Merkaba moving night after night, each possessing their own mix of House, Hip-Hop, Top-40, Mumbatan and Reggaeton to create an atmosphere unlike any other. There is something new waiting to be discovered during your private party at Merkaba. Make your reservation and unlock your night today.

Merkaba can host birthday parties, bachelorette parties, corporate events, holiday parties and more. Book your party at Merkaba today.

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