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Celebrations and gatherings of all varieties become unforgettable when you’re celebrating at Merkaba. San Antonio’s favorite artisanal cocktail lounge and nightclub is home to the city’s most immersive experiences, complete with an outstanding selection of drinks to choose from, exceptional DJs and live music acts creating the city’s top vibes night after night and a stimulating environment where your desire for dancing will be impossible to ignore. Discover how you can unlock your night at Merkaba.

Nights out at Merkaba lead to experiences unlike any other, filled with unbelievable drinks, lots of dancing and plenty of ways to stimulate your senses. Our inspired settings take influence from San Antonio’s heritage and history, complete with two outdoor patio spaces adorned with lights and bordering the Riverwalk, the Inverted Temple Bar surrounded by two captivating dance floors and the Witch Doctor and Grotto Lounges — perfect settings for sitting back and embracing all of the energy natural to Merkaba.

Unlocking even more excitement at Merkaba is as simple as taking a seat at our bar. An exceptional staff of bartenders and cocktail curators pour years of expertise into every one of our drinks, combining San Antonio’s longtime favorite flavors like passionfruit, allspice and honey with unique spirits to create cocktails like the Rainbow Road, Temple’d Fashioned and Flower of Life Margarita. The perfect dancing companion for your night, all of Merkaba’s cocktails stimulate your senses in unique ways. Merkaba keeps a wide variety of red, white and bubbly wines available as well.

Bringing your Merkaba experience to its peak means embracing your urge to get dancing. World-class resident and guest DJs and live music acts power Merkaba’s dance floor night after night, spinning unstoppable tracklists that combine house, hip-hop and top-40 hits with mumbatan and tribal beats, forming an atmosphere that is completely unique. Whether you’re experience at Merkaba

Merkaba can host birthday parties, bachelorette parties, corporate events, holiday parties and more. Book your party at Merkaba today.

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