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Embrace an experience unlike any other and unlock your perfect night when you are celebrating at Merkaba. San Antonio’s top cocktail lounge and nightclub is the ultimate destination for discovering a night out like nothing you have experienced before. Immersive settings and an exceptional selection of drinks brings out a ton of energy in every night, plus with San Antonio’s top live acts and DJs and even the city’s top performers gracing our stage, there is no better venue to celebrate at than Merkaba.

Merkaba is more than a cocktail lounge and nightclub, it is San Antonio’s premier live music venue and home to a world-class selection of DJs. Merkaba’s roster of guest and resident performers bring a unique vibe to every experience, with DJs and live music acts breaking out their top mixes combining top-40, house and hip-hop hits and more. Whether you are spending the night glued to the dance floor or embracing the sound ringing throughout our venue, our performers create an atmosphere that is purely Merkaba.

The thrills at Merkaba only grow stronger once you are sipping from any of our unbeatable selection of drinks. Our professional staff of cocktail curators and bartenders bring unparalleled expertise to every mix they create, infusing unique spirits with San Antonio’s most beloved flavors, like passionfruit, honey and allspice. From the Rainbow Road to the Temple’d Fashioned and more, Merkaba’s cocktails are an experience all in themselves and can even be enjoyed in one of our signature hand-blown glasses. An outstanding variety of red, white and bubbly wines are available. No other live music venue and nightclub in San Antonio can deliver the flavor that Merkaba can.

What truly makes Mekaba exceptional, however, is what you will discover inside. Our live music venue and nightclub embraces San Antonio’s deep history, inspiring our simulating spaces like the Inverted Temple Bar surrounded by dual dance floors, two outdoor patio spaces on the Riverwalk and the Witch Doctor and Grotto Lounges, letting you truly relax while letting Merkaba’s energy wash over you. M

Merkaba can host birthday parties, bachelorette parties, corporate events, holiday parties and more. Book your party at Merkaba today.

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