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Happy Hour in San Antonio

Nights out on the Riverwalk are taking in a brand-new aura. Merkaba is San Antonio’s top cocktail lounge and nightclub lounge, featuring everything you need to unlock your night. Flavors and decor inspired by the deep history of San Antonio influence everything Merkaba has to offer, including every drink we serve. San Antonio’s biggest DJs are always rocking our dance floor and with happy hour specials night after night, Merkaba is ready to help you discover a night unlike any other.

Merkaba turns your night out into a stimulating experience. Parties and groups of up to 240 guests can unlock their night and it all gets started during happy hour.  Whether you are taking in our outdoor patio spaces on the Riverwalk, relaxing in the Witchdoctor or Grotto lounges, or even getting an early start on our dual dance floors, Merkaba is the ultimate destination to experience a thrilling happy hour in San Antonio.

Happy hour is your ultimate chance to tap into Merkaba’s most exquisite cocktails. Essences and flavors pulled right from San Antonio’s heritage, including honey, tamarind, passionfruit, and our chewable nugget ice are mixed with unique spirits to create artisanal offerings like the Flavor of Life Margarita, Rainbow Road, Temple’d Fashioned and many more. Merkaba makes sure to keep an expansive selection of red, white, and bubbly wines stocked as well so that every guest can experience the depths of our flavors perfectly.

Merkaba is not only an unbelievable experience during happy hour, you can breathe new life into any semi-private or private event when you host it with us. Every celebration at Merkaba starts off sensationally and we keep the groove alive with San Antonio’s top DJs spinning everything from Top-40 hits to Mumbatan and Tribal Beats over our state of the art sound system. Discover a new happy hour experience and unlock your night at Merkaba.

Merkaba can host birthday parties, bachelorette parties, corporate events, holiday parties and more. Book your party at Merkaba today.